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Afsana •  Short film (30mins)

A jaded man's decision to sell his ancestral home against the wishes of his grandmother leads him to get lost in a forest. A riddle, a song and a mysterious companion accompany him as he finds his way back home.

Kaatyaayani wrote, directed and edited this film. Managed all aspects of production from casting, location scouting, art direction, dubbing, distribution and more, all on a shoestring budget.

The film is currently doing the rounds of festivals and cannot be shared publicly. Watch the trailer here.

The Uninvited •  Smart Phone Film (2min 30s)

A young woman throws a birthday party during the Covid-19 pandemic, and some guests arrive. Did she invite them, or did they show up uninvited?

Kaatyaayani wrote, directed and shot this film. She also designed the poster.

This film was an official selection in the New Voices category at the MINA Smartphone Film Festival in Melbourne, AU. 

Palta Sahab Typewriterwaale •  Short Doc (16mins)

Despite the IT wave having wiped out the device, a man holds onto his family legacy even today - the sale of typewriters.

Kaatyaayani wrote and edited this film. Worked closely with the subject to understand their story and craft a cinematic narrative through the meetings. She also shot a few sequences and created motion graphics. 

Sufiyon ka Raja •  Still Photography AV
An experimental short AV that seeks to understand the roots of toxic masculinity using stop-motion animation and a fairy tale as a narrative device. 

Kaatyaayani visualised the concept and wrote the voice over. She did the art direction, camera and lighting and also edited the AV.  

Still Photography
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