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Voice Overs

Voice Overs


A still photography AV

Kaatyaayani visualised this story and then wrote the voice over taking in a conversational tone. Taking a cue from urdu but making it more colloquial so as to bring out the close-knit nature of the setting. She also edited the film using Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects.

Sufiyon Ka Raja

A still photography AV

After a rigorous process of visualisation, Kaatyaayani wrote this voice-over as a fairy tale suffused with metaphors. This treatment was chosen so as to bring out the child-like wonder that the protagonist has lost and foreground the dark events of the story. She then edited the film using Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects.

Screeplay & Scripting

Screenplay & Scripting

The Uninvited

A short smartphone film

Kaatyaayani visualised the screenplay of this story as a long-take deliberately focusing on the protagonist in the frame and augmenting the story with sound design. This helps to sustain the feeling of mystery until the big reveal. While key plot elements hide in plain sight, the sound design deliberately misleads the audience until the climax. 

An Homage to Tolkein

A short sequence

The screenplay of this sequence has been adapted  from the Hollywood film Tolkein. A biopic about the life of author J.R.R. Tolkein, this homage adapts the story into an Indian setting. Using an episode from the Mahabharata as a device, this is a story about a mother trying to prepare her sons for her own death.

Palta Sahab

A short documentary

One of the most riveting experiences for her as a screenwriter & editor, Kaatyaayani prepared an initial screenplay for this film based on conversations with the protagonist and visits to the locations. However, later having to tweak the screenplay according to the mood of the footage gathered on the edit table was a big learning about the art of documentary filmmaking. 

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